my plant, my flower, my bed
AVRIL 2014
Gaal Csaba

Prises de vues, montage, post-production & musique

Documentaire réalisé en collaboration avec Burger Eyes.

According to the UN, people living in a refugee camp need an average 17 years to live a normal life again. But how do these years pass in their lives, how do they try to accommodate themselves and fit in? The “My Plant, My Flower, My Bed” concentrates on the daily lives and problems of the immigrants living far from their home. The documentary shows a realistic and up-to-date picture of the lives of the refugees living in Turkey, presenting their struggles to fit in. As the images shown are not being manipulated by the social media, this documentary shows the viewpoints of the speakers in their purest and truest form.




Report Evenement 

Saturn Citizen

Motion design

Formation buraliste